Frequently Asked Questions

How long do you list my item for sale on eBay?

  • Typically, Sell4U uses a seven day auction to maximize bidding interest. We are, however, able to do auctions as short as 1 day for items with time constraints (i.e. tickets for sporting events, concerts etc.)

What if my item doesn't sell during the auction period?

  • If your item doesn't sell, you will be notified via email and:
  • You can pick it up at the store within 10 days of the auctions close
  • We'll donate your item to charity.

Can I set a minimum selling price for my eBay auction?

  • Yes. Sellers have the option to use our premiere service which enables them to set an opening bid of $20.00 or higher as well as set a Reserve Price on their item. However, while minimum opening bids above $19.99 do provide a "safety net" for which an item must sell, they can limit bidding activity.

When can I expect to receive my check?

  • Typically, you will receive a check approximately 30-45 days from the date you dropped off your item. Please note that winning bidders who delay in paying for your item will cause delays in our timing for sending out your check. In addition, occasionally a winning bidder may never pay for your item. In this case, we will cancel the original auction and relist your item for free. Your check amount and payment timing will be based on the results of this new auction.

How does iSold It earn its commission?

  • Like any retailer, Sell4U makes a commission on the items we sell. This fee is used to cover the costs of photographing, listing, payment collection, customer service, and packing & shipping. Once the item sells, Sell4U deducts both our commission and eBay & payment processing fees before sending you a check. Click here to see our commission schedule.