Business to Consumer (b2c) Services
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Fill your Pockets
Let Sell4U make money for your business.

We can help you:
    Liquidate overstocks
    Sell new merchandise
    Manage returns
    Sell bulk lots
    Close out seasonal items

    We do the work.
    You get a check.
Sell4U offers:
    • Professional photography
    • Expert copywriting
    • Answers to questions
    • Payment processing
    • Professional packing and shipping
    • Listing your merchandise on the
      appropriate e-commerce site
Customized Solutions
Your business needs are unique.
Sell4U can sell nearly any kind of merchandise.
    • Directly to consumers
    • From 1 to 200,000 items
    • Fixed-price or auction

#1 seller on eBay
Largest chain of drop-off stores
Access to different online merchants
High recovery values
Efficient, local distribution methods
Discreet merchandise disposal
Flexible commission plans


How much does it cost?
Sell4U charges competitive commissions and no up-front costs! Because we sell so many items, Sell4U is able to offer discounted commissions for business customers. Feel free to discuss these rates with your local Sell4U store manager. Once your items sell, we deduct our commission and payment processing fees before
sending your company a check.

Can I set the selling price?
Yes! Work with your local Sell4U store manager to determine the best pricing strategy. If you have an established, ongoing sales program with Sell4U, you may want to test auction and fixed-price formats for your items.

What if my item doesn't sell?
If the item is at our store and it doesn't sell, Sell4U can re-list it with different terms or
on a different website. You may also pick
up your item or donate it to charity.

Do I need to drop off my items at your store?
Usually our customers drop off their items
at our local Sell4U store. However, special arrangements can be made for our business customers. Our Topeka location has a box truck available. We can also coordinate entire business liquidations including moving all content to our warehouse for storage while we evaluate the best sales methodology and prepare the online auctions. Contact us to learn more!

What experience do you have with government auctions and business Liquidations?
This is an area where we have tremendous experience and years of past sales knowledge. This is also the part of our business that we are focused to grow over the coming years

Our Topeka store has managed state treasurer unclaimed property auctions for nearly 5 years and holds the current contract for this business. Sell4U Kansas has managed over 150,000 online auctions to date.

We have extensive experience working with Business owners, Banks & loan institutions managing entire business property, fixture & inventory liquidations.

Why choose Sell4U?
Full-service solution

Direct sales to consumers

Experience you can trust

Access to multiple online markets
We can reduce your overhead costs
while you focus on your core business.

Avoid channel conflict and protect your
brand and customer relations.

We have experienced copywriters and
professional photographers to showcase
your products and optimize cost recovery.

Let us select the right online channel
for your products.